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November 1, 2018

World-Renowned Hospitals Use OdinText to Listen to Valuable Employee Feedback and Prioritize Resources

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This year again, OdinText was honored to be voted among the Most Innovative Marketing Research Suppliers in the World (2018 Greenbook Research Industry Trends GRIT Report).

As is custom, each of the Top Marketing Research Suppliers are invited to submit a case study for inclusion in the annual e-book showcasing the best of the best in consumer insights.

Last year our case study highlighted how OdinText can use customer comment data to better understand drivers of customer satisfaction and NPS (Net Promoter Score), as well as  predict  return behavior and revenue! This year we chose a case which highlights how OdinText can be used for Workforce Analytics to leverage employee feedback for continuous improvement, increased employee engagement and satisfaction.

As the Director of Human Resources, Greene Memorial Hospital and Soin Medical Center comments on the experience with OdinText in the Health Care & Human Resources:


“The magnitude and detail of OdinText is amazing! [OdinText] pinpoints exactly areas that we can really work on. Other vendors just give us material and we have to hunt and peck. For not knowing anything about our industry, this software is amazing! You know atmosphere, what’s changing and what’s not… This blows me away.”

You can view an abbreviated case study in the e-book or on the Greenbook site tomorrow. However we are also happy to share a slightly more detailed case with you. To find out how world class hospitals improve through stakeholder feedback follow the link below:

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Turning staff feedback into action: OdinText artificial intelligence platform reveals what drives employee satisfaction at Kettering Health Network’s Greene Memorial Hospital and Soin Medical Center!

Again Thank You to Greenbook and everyone who selected us as most innovative, and congratulations to all the other great companies this year!

If you are curious how YOUR Data +OdinText will provide more powerful Insights Guaranteed you can request more information here.

Tom H. C. Anderson Chief Research Officer @OdinText

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