Beyond Text Analytics, OdinText is Now OdinAnswers

April 23, 2019

Text Analytics Isn’t Enough - OdinAnswers Easily Connects Thoughts and Feelings to Metrics That Matter

I’m very excited to announce that OdinText is now OdinAnswers. Here at OdinAnswers, we have long been about more than text data. OdinText was the first text analytics firm to realize that customer comment data never exists in isolation, and that any interesting data is a combination of thoughts, feelings, knowledge about where these come from, and how they affect your business. Our earliest thinking and patent claims reflected this fundamental truth.

OdinAnswers, which we are introducing today, is a celebration of the fact that looking at either hard metrics or human thoughts and feelings in isolation only gives you a partial picture. Our new customer analytics platform is designed to easily give you the best possible answers across all your relevant data.

You can read more about why text analytics alone doesn’t provide sufficient understanding in our white paper here (Text Analytics Isn’t Enough: Moving From Text to Answers).

The Problem With Traditionaland Text Analytics

Let me take a step back. All analytics tools, whethergeneral or specifically for text, have limited users in two important ways: by theirfocus on one type of data, and their difficulty of use.

While there are countless providers in the space, businesses continue to make decisions based on a fraction of the available data. Moreover,current text analytics options, whether open source or third party, are so difficult to use compared to their added value that even Fortune 500 companies continue to struggle with human reading and annotation of customer comment data in Excel.

The Opportunity Is Tremendous

Think back with me, just a few years ago, to the CD players of the past. Sound and music fidelity had reached its peak (or so we thought).Any analyst would have told you that the market had been fully realized.Ironically, looking at Gartner and Forrester adoption curves for text analytics, one might be led into thinking the same about text analytics today.

What happened of course was the iPod. The iPod changed the market completely and forever.

This is the current state of analytics. It’s about more than just AI and machine learning. We are at a pre-iPod moment in history. The key is to think about data differently, more inclusively, and as importantly, to simplify the access to this data and analysis. What we want is better answers,not more complexity.

Exploring the Possibilities With OdinAnswers

In conjunction with our renaming, we are introducing two new products, Answers, our flagship product for those who need a continuous understanding of their customer-business relationship (at an intervals that suit them best), and Explore, a brand new friendly and easy-to-use interface with improvements in speed and functionality that help you quickly get the answers you need.

OdinAnswers provides real-world actionable answers to important questions such as:

·      How can I improve customer/employee satisfaction?

·      How can churn be decreased?

·      What are the key drivers of revenue?

·      Which new product should we launch and why?

·      What advertising copy will have what impact?

Amazing digital-first companies from Google and YouTube to Uber have told us that no other analytics tool helps them make these decisions better than OdinAnswers. While easier to use, OdinAnswers also allows them to consider the thoughts and feelings of their customers, together with other key data, faster than anything else currently on the market.

Still, we’re not satisfied with where we are today. To understand why I’m so excited about where we are going next, you’re welcome to download our new white paper here.  

We look forward to working with more digital-first clients large and small, as well as research and data partners, as we change and disrupt the current analytics paradigms in pursuit of the valuable answers you need.

Tom H. C. Anderson
Founder & Chief Research Officer



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