A Better Way to Understand Customers

Link the voice of your customer to the business metrics that matter most.

A Better Way to Understand Customers

Link the voice of your customer to the business metrics that matter most.

Our customer intelligence platform processes data from any source to reveal the connections between your customers’ thoughts and feelings and the metrics that drive
your business.


Discover Trends

OdinExplore analyzes text and metric data from any customer experience platform, survey tool or review management system to bring the topics that matter to your customers to the surface.


Compare Groups

Get perspective and context by comparing customer segments, products, and markets to reveal key differences in your customers experience.


Get Answers

You want Answers that are specific and actionable. This requires going beyond sentiment analysis, we use all available demographic data for your customers to show you how the customer experience impacts key business metrics.

Understand the Thoughts of Your Customers Across Every Channel

Ratings and Reviews

Call Center Transcripts

Survey Research

Customer Emails

Social Media


Is a powerful software tool which uncovers the hidden connections between customers' feedback and the metrics that are driving your business.
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A full-service solution to help business leaders discover risks and opportunities combining customer feedback and business data. Our team handles the data and analysis work so that you get actionable answers at a cadence that supports your business need.
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Industry-leading companies using OdinAnswers to better understand their customers.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Thanks to OdinAnswers, we are now able to turn all of this incredibly valuable feedback into meaningful data that trucking companies can use to directly improve the satisfaction of their drivers.

Samuel elitzer
Publisher & President, Truckersreport.com

The magnitude and detail are amazing!  This pinpoints exactly areas that we can work on. Other vendors just give us material, and we have to hunt and peck. For not knowing anything about our industry, this software is amazing! You know the atmosphere, what’s changing and what’s not… This blows me away

Jeffery jones
Director of human resources, greene memorial hospital and soin medical center

OdinAnswers analytics has uncovered insights that increase the value of our customer satisfaction program exponentially.

Insights manager
JiffyLube international

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