A Customer Intelligence Platform Built for Business

At the intersection of Customer Experience and Business Intelligence, Customer Intelligence reveals the critical connection between your customer's thoughts and feelings and the metrics driving business. Explore gives you the power to develop the Answers your company needs to make impactful decisions.


Plug In and
Connect Your Data

You have collected the thoughts and feelings of your customers in various feedback, survey and customer support systems. Start putting this data into OdinExplore to understand at scale.


Discover Topics
and Themes

Find which topics are most impactful to your customers by exploring the topics in their feedback. Explore auto-terms, create important topics, apply dictionaries, and analyze emotions and sentiment.


Create and
Compare Segments

Create segments based on specific demographics, ratings, or time periods to discover and highlight the distinctions between different groups of people.


Experiment to
Gain Perspective

Run multiple experiments to gain new perspectives on different customer segments, products, and more. Fast and easy experimentation gives you visibility into the intersectionality of topics and their impact on your business.


Understand What
Drives Your Business

Gain the understanding you need through powerful visualizations, machine learning and predictive modeling. You are under a lot of pressure for actionable answers across your business and we built a tool that lets you find the answers as fast as the questions are coming in.

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